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CodeCombat is a real game that teaches learners to code by playing through levels and quickly mastering programming concepts. It’s not just gamification with bells and whistles, it’s democratizing learning to code by making the process more accessible and engaging than ever before.

Most importantly, CodeCombat uses typed code, not drag­-and-­drop blocks. It also allows far more creativity and flexibility ­ students are free to solve problems however they see fit.

Students master core coding concepts such as while/for loops, functions, and algorithms using Python and JavaScript programming languages.

Learners construct mazes and use basic input handling to code their own games that can be shared with friends and family.

Using HTML, CSS, and jQuery, learners flex their creative muscles to program their own webpages with a custom URL to share with their classmates.

  • Module duration - 1 month
  • Age - from 10 y.o

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