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Learning to create games in C# at KIBERone opens up new horizons for young programmers. Using this language alone children can create any application (for Windows, mobile, web, applications for Android and iOS) for any platform. Instead of passive entertainment at the computer screen, your child will spend time with benefits:

  • learn programming and will easily master the concepts of  “variables”, “branches”, “functions” and “loops”;
  • learn the console and methods of working with it, enter and read data, format lines, process files;
  • deal with syntactic constructions of CSharp, one of the five most popular programming languages;
  • get acquainted with libraries and templates, development tools and their capabilities;
  • children will be able to read codes and manage them;
  • learn to create game objects and classes, work with them, give them various properties;
  • learn to work with structured documents in XML format;
  • write a complete game with animation and a graphical interface;
  • “try on” the profession of a game developer.

  • Module duration - 3 month
  • Age - from 12 y.o

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